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Kerrie's Journal?

Pesto anyone?

5 April 1991
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Hey everyone. I have no idea what I am doing. I signed up so I could join some model thing.
Firsts and foremost I have 5 loves. FASHION, FRIENDS, GRAPHIC DESIGN, MUSIC, & THEATRE.
Fashion- everything. I have every single elle, teenvogue, and vogue since last year in June. I love fashion fashion fashion, and I know a ton from designer duds, to the models.
Friends- I have 3 best friends and so many others that i cannot live without.
Music- I play horn and piano... both like 10 years basically. I love music, REGINA SPEKTOR AND LILY ALLEN ARE MY LOVES
Theatre- Rocks my socks. Theatre at school... it is hard, and i love it, and the people.
I have a myspace... so this is goofy.