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Kerrie's Journal?
Pesto anyone?
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25th-Dec-2008 08:47 pm - red eye!
Hello everyone! Happy Holidays... does anyone know how to remove red eye in photoshop [i have version 6]
or at least to make it better
here is the picture

30th-Aug-2008 06:48 pm - mia banner tut
we are going to make this

made in: photoshop 6
translatable: yes [there is a selective coloring, and channel mixer layer, but it still looks REALLY COOL without]
difficulty: medium
psd: yes

i fly like paper, get high like planesCollapse )
12th-Aug-2008 06:33 pm - what i am happy about....

is this image i just made


35 Icon bases, from Atonement and Donnie Darko


This was the best band camp ever... and I hope I can decently tell you why in this blog.

First off... I have THREE SOLOS!!!!! Yeah, that's right... represent.

Well, I had so many people I love there... [courtney, connor, beth, josh, thad, val, caleb] and made really great new friends [sam, chelsea, hannah, trent]

speaking of trent... i probably got the closest to him. I think he is the only other person besides me who has two moods, on or off

you get the picture

Well, it was effing hot, but I have to admit I like marching. It may suck at the time... but it is so much fun.

The music was more challenging than usual this year, which is good.

There are so many funny things we did, and I will be doing... like the creepy molestor laugh, [look at video here and the anime face to the exetreme]...


and so many inside jokes... [spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread... etc]


amazing skits

sectional time, where we basically do nothing, but still sound great. What do we do though... pretend to throw up on the floor, light metal statues on fire, break ladders and chairs, talk, and laugh. [look at video here for an example]

Getting yelled at at least 5 times a day for talking about things that are actually related to what we are doing, and getting yelled at for talking in general.

Creating a new version of bouncies that will forever live on. [chicken noise]

Staying up in our dorms until 3:30 am dancing and singing on our beds, and also making chicken noises to Queen songs [watch video here to hear what i am talking about]

Going through crazy things and occurances that ONLY happen at band camp. Like a LONG tornado drill, freaking out over a spider, being in a building that's on fire, and marching during a lightning storm.

Annoying saying the COOL BEANS part from the movie Hot Rod OVER AND OVER with Trent, Caleb, and Thad [watch the scene here

havinging that dry/slimy taste in your mouth, moments after you just had a water break during 90 degree weather while marching.


Having a REALLY AWESOME band bible tan

Starting a Band-Aid gang with Trent, Beth, and Connor

taking the coolest pictures known to man

getting in trouble at the pool because I bounced more than once on the diving board when Connor, Trent, Caleb, and I were playing a game.

Singing a thousand beatles songs on the way home


When Brett Parhurst introduced himself and didn't know what to say... Samantha Breza simply says "and you have a nasally voice"

Laughing so hard, I cry

Crying for real during initiation

Giving Trent piggy-back rides

Dancing during drum cadenses

Making really STUPID videos and putting them on youtube [see all videos posted above]

Doing ubscene hand gestures, and taking pictures... but not posting them

having tourettes of the face like 24/7

Having Mr.Breza tell me I need to clean up my english, because I have sucky grammer

Hearing Mr. Breza get so excited that he swears in front of all of us.


Being an italian baby

Marching 6 hours a day, and playing for 5-6 hours a day

Waking up at 6:00 in the morning to get up and work

Going to see Dark Knight 20 minutes after getting home from camp with people I have seen for a whole week already

Being a Senior at band camp

I don't know if I have a lot more examples, but then again I probably do. Words cannot explain what an amazing time I had. Maybe my pictures will, check them out.

I am just so sad that was my last band camp.

But it was one of the greatest rides I have ever been on.


Do you like the title? It is a quote from the movie  Requiem For A Dream. I have seen it about 4 or 5 times now and it gets better everytime. It it such an amazing movie, and it is just so raw. It shows the harshness of drugs. 
My icon is from the movie. I made it myself. Maybe someday I will post really nice icon bases from things I like, for example Reqieum, Gossip Girl, ANTM, Across The Universe, Superbad, Sufjan Stevens, and whatever else I can get my mouse on.
I tried to edit my own LJ layout today. It worked how I wanted... but what I wanted wasn't what I really liked.
I have a horn lesson tomorrow... and I didn't practice once. I hope he doesn't notice. But we are only practicing the Mozart Concerto tomorrow, so I might be alright.
Day after tomorrow I am going to see Daisy May. I am so excited. I am going to have such an amazing time with Mark and Sam.
29th-Jun-2008 05:13 pm - What a day?
It really has been, in a way.
I finally learned how to post stuff while using an LJ cut... although I crashed and burned at first because I actually did do it incorrectly.
Well I have it fixed now! I am very proud! I posted one post on Icon_Tutorial and one on Mixologies... and it only took like 3.5 hours on the computer. [this does account the time for scanning two editorals, and making the tutorial and such]
But you may ask [or you may not have] why is there a question mark by "what a day?"
well because I didn't do anything really. I did my housework, and cleaned my room. But nothing productive. I even have a french horn lesson on tuesday and I haven't practiced very much at all!
tsk, tsk kerrie
and I was supposed to do something with some friends. I think it didn't happen. 
Or maybe it did happen, and the main guy I like the best [as a friend!] invited the other guy friend of mine who is going out with a girl, who I like a lot... but I am actually not sure if she likes me anymore. so maybe they didn't want controversy and they didn't invite me.
Oh this girl... I don't know if she likes me or not... I think she does. But she has been ridiculous lately. I can only stand her in small doses. She tries to act so mature, and she thinks that she is better than a lot of people. I kind of want to slap her in the face [and so did everone else that went on the trip to a different country with her... that is what one of the girls who went on the trip told me because "she was sooo bi-polar and dumb" her words not mine]
Well I don't care, she is going to college.

I spend too much time on the computer. Don't judge me though! I go outside all the time with my dog, and I always take photography outside! I also love to read. Any bitchy girl novel is devoured by me in a day. And don't call me a nerd with no social life. I hang out almost everyday.

But what to look forward too, obviously not college applications!
BAND CAMP THOUGH! I am overly excited to the maximum! I have a LONG solo in one of the songs... i know because my mom has connections... and I love going to band camp [but i am sad because this is the last one]
CHICKEN MARSALA FOR DINNER! My favorite food is being made right now!!!!
DAISY MAY CONCERT!!! July 9th, me and mark and sam for our german reunion... i hope it works out!

Well sorry for the long post, but I know NO ONE READS THIS! None of my friends have livejournal [which is good in somepart because I don't want the girl or boys I was telling you about to read this] but it is a good way just to write and to vent. I love writing
28th-Jun-2008 11:21 pm - Don't The Times Change

I don't mean that everyone is switching over to livejournal now. I mean the times in general. Basically... I am a senior. It scares the crap out of me, but excites me!
I get to go to college next year! YAY! But I have to apply first, and try out to be a music major.
Basically right now I am venting for a post, but this is actually how I am feeling

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